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Patrick is quick to grasp the concepts of my unique business and put his creativity to work developing marketing solutions for our website.

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Your Website Should Be Your 24/7 Salesman
That Brings You More Local Leads and
Consistent Sales

But there is a problem…

Potential customers are not finding you on Google

You’re not getting noticed in your local area

You have low to no traffic

Sales are minimal or non-existant

Foot traffic has been horrible

The phone is not ringing much

Not getting enough qualified leads

Your brand is not recognized

With my many years doing local search consulting I have helped many home and service based businesses
drive qualified traffic, bring in more leads and
grow their business through new sales.


Local Searches Are Booming

“Near me” searches have increased 900% in the last two years.

Here are some local seo statistics you should know:

97% of Google’s users have searched for local businesses

88% of people who do a local search call the business within one day

86% of Google Maps customers are looking for local businesses

46% of all searches include location

Don’t worry! I’ll help you get a bigger piece of this pie.

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How can your website bring more traffic, qualified leads and grow your business
with more sales through local
search optimization?

In today’s competitive market, prospective customers are looking for products and services in your local market, and the first thing they use to search out your business is on their mobile phone.

When “out and about”, they’ll pull up good ol’ Google search and type in something along the lines of “hair salon mount morris mi” or “pizza near me.” In a nutshell, this is what we call Local SEO or Local Search, a subset of organic SEO.

Local SEO is about placing your business in front of the right customer’s eyeballs, at the right time, so you get noticed over other businesses to lead them to your website or other content to bring in leads and create more sales.

In order for those eyeballs to choose your local business, you need to have a good local search strategy in place. This would include a well optimizd website, good quality content that engages your visitor, brand awareness, proximity of your business to the searcher, and plenty of reviews.

Your Website

This is the center of your business. Best to be sure it is set up correctly, no issues, loads fast & converts.

Quality Content

Create content about each product / service, treatment, offer, home, about, contact & bio pages to bring in visitors.

Google Profile

This is crucial to your Local SEO success and online visibility. Optimize this listing as much as possible and be sure it is correct.


These are sites that Google looks to confirm the informaion about your business which includes Name, Address, Phone + Website URL.

Local Reviews

These play a huge part in your local search strategy. If you have little to none – get some! Your visitors will want to read what others say about you.

Incoming Links

These are links on other local/industry sites that “link back” to your site. The higher the quality, the higher your reputation in your local area.


Your Freelance Local SEO Consultant

My name is Patrick Whitson, and I specifically help home and professional service businesses land local clients without feeling like they’re throwing their money away with garden-variety web agencies.

If you want to increase your visibility, build trust, and differentiate your business from the competition, even if they’ve been around longer than you have, then having a solid Local SEO strategy is crucial.

As a local seo freelancer, I understand what it takes to be successful in the local market having worked with dentist’s, plumbers, roofers, caterers, auto repair & specialty, eCommerce brands and many other small-to-medium sized businesses.

SEO can make a large impact on your bottom line and produce real-world results that will give your local business long-term growth and visibility.

If you are interested in my Local SEO services, I’d be happy to learn more about you and your business.

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Common Local SEO Questions & Answers

Browse my FAQ to learn more about Local SEO Services and how they can help you drive traffic, generate leads and get more sales.

If you have a question that’s not answered, please send me an email and I’ll answer you asap.

Local SEO is a subset of SEO, also called, digital marketing. Local search helps your business get found, and visible for people searching for your products and/or services in a local or geo-targeted area. If you are a dentist, a prospective patient may search for “dentist west palm beach fl” and if your practice is within close proximity, would display for that user on their mobile phone.

No one likes to hear the initial answer of “it depends!” Well, it does. Each business, generally, is different and depend on several factors, including number of locations, industry, competition, is it a new or existing business, etc. will affect your investment in a local search strategy. If you’d like to get a more accurate cost, book a FREE 30-Min. call with me.

You should use local SEO services if you are a home based or professional service business that either has a fixed or brick-n-mortar building where your customers to you, or you go to your customers location. Local, per se, typically means within a 30-mile radius of where you are located. Businesses, such as, auto repair, manufacturing, towing, landscaping, vending, dentist’s, doctors, lawyers, roofers, general contractors, etc. would benefit from a local search strategy.

As a local SEO consultant, I work to improve your online presence, brand and authority so your business is found by your ideal customer to choose your business over others. The end goal is to bring in more leads and generate more sales.

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