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This is Lake Products. A family owned and operated fishing tool manufacturer which was started back in 1965 by John Rusztowicz to help all fishermen tie knots faster and more safely.

Patrick Whitson
Project Manager

Lapeer Website Design - Knot Tying - Patrick Whitson

“Patrick helped me immensely. Initially, I contacted him because the current site was not able to process orders. Patrick fixed it and did get me going quickly. I wanted a new website design and he sent me a plan in phases as I had to consider my budget. Along with the plan Patrick sends an explanatory video and does so during each phase of the plan. I am extremely pleased with the end result. Patrick is very responsive and very patient with questions. Patrick made this design, development and launch process very easy and I would highly recommend his services!” – Vicki Meiburg, Owner

Lake Products LLC

Lapeer, Michigan (North Branch)

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Vicki Meiburg, the daughter of the creator of the 3-in-1 Knot Tying and Fly Threader fishing tools, contacted me because her existing eCommerce website at the time was having problems processing orders. This caused her sales to drop.

After a quick call and analyzing the situation, I switched her payment processing over to Stripe and her site was back online taking orders. Quick success!

Once that problem was solved, Vicki and I spoke about a site makeover for her online fishing store. From my assessment, there were some striking issues, which were:

> The website was not ranking for main keywords
> Site Traffic dropped from near 500 visits a month to 15
> The load time was really slow (a hosting issue)
> The design was old and outdated
> There wasn’t a lot of quality content

My discussion with Vicki was a productive one and we decided to go forward with a makeover of her fishing eCommerce store in a phased roll-out due to budget constraints. This entailed content layout, logo, design, keyword & competitor research, on-page SEO, testing and QA.

Needless to say, Vicki was immensely elated with how her online store looked and worked.

The site now get’s over 450 visitors a month and brings in a steady stream of sales.

On a monthly basis, as a subscriber to my eCommerce care plan, I keep her website secure, updated and running tip top.

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