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Creating websites for construction companies that build
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into larger projects

Your Construction Company
Needs a Strong Online Presence

In order to attract the best construction clients and projects your website should include important components to persuade visitors to contact you.

But, if it doesn’t include those components then your website may be struggling with the following:

Not effectively showing your work with great photos or telling a story

No compelling description about your construction business or areas you serve

No to little reviews or testimonials to help prospective customers decide why they should hire you

Forgetting to talk about what service(s) you specialize in

Having no photos or bio’s for your team to provide visitors a more personal look at who they will work with

Leaving out social media accounts that will give visitors more insight into your construction business

Not including a contact form for your customers and visitors to easily get in touch with you

Not providing a way for your prospective customers to request a quote for a construction project

I understand that your construction business needs a website that is designed well, gives you a strong web presence and helps you attract your ideal customer and projects.

My unique combination of design and marketing knowledge will help you accomplish that. Let’s partner together!

Portfolio of Construction Company Websites

It’s my goal to craft websites for your construction business
to bring in high-quality leads, stand out, load fast and become
your 24/7 sales system.


Tool Organization Service

With their tool organization system in high demand nationwide, Tool Organization Service quickly needed a way to educate dealerships and bring in high quality leads.

Website Design for Manufacturers - TOS

253 Keyword phrases ranking • 6x Traffic Growth • 100+ leads per year

How can you make your Construction website the main channel of how customers find your solutions?

In today’s techno-world, a website for your company in the construction industry is a most valuable asset for the growth of your business.

But, just having a modern looking website is not going to be enough.

A properly designed and successful working website will help your construction company land larger projects and solve your prospects real-world problems by providing value and helping them with your solution.

Ultimately, your construction website should focus on…

ATTRACTING new customers and STANDING OUT among your competitors.

How Does Your Construction Website Create Value or Help Your Prospect?

Make it easy for visitors to become leads with prominent contact forms and quote requests

Provide critical trust signals for your target audience, such as, certifications, testimonials, and a physical address.

Highlight your construction company’s experience and allow customers to browse your services

Showcase your excellent work with photos and story telling

Display awesome reviews & testimonial’s from your customers

Differentiating your construction business from your competitors

Attract more traffic and convert them into customers through search engines, and content marketing

Have resources available to help potential customers research their options and determine the best fit for their needs

Don’t settle for a poor performing construction website that in the end will cost you more time and money.

Let me craft a modern looking, well designed website that will help your construction company have a strong web presence and grow successfully.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

Read what others have to say below about myself and my work in relation to construction website design and online marketing.

Website Design for Therapists - Green Quotes

Patrick is quick to grasp the concepts of my unique business and put his creativity to work developing marketing solutions, including our website.

Matt English – Owner


Common Construction Web Design
Questions & Answers

Why should a construction company have a website?

construction websites, whether you’re local or regional, are a must in today’s economy. Your high-performing website for your construction
company ultimately acts as your 24/7 sales funnel to potential clients searching for what you provide, enables you to establish trust and
attract those you desire to work with.

Before buyers even consider your company, they search online for your website to learn more about your history, products, services, team, what
others say about you, etc. Having a website for your construction company gives you a central location that has all of your up-to-date
information available allowing you to connect with more buyers and customers.

What key web design strategies are needed for a construction website?

There are many essential elements that make up the design of your website, but some of the most important one’s are:

Compelling Calls-to-Action

Feature properly positioned and strategically designed calls-to-action to convert as many website visitors as possible to opt into your incentive or request a quote for their project.

Simple Navigation Bar

Keep the navigation menus to a simple design to be as easy for everyone to use. Keep the number of items or categories on your menu to no more than
seven and stick to standard naming, e.g. About, Contact, etc.

Write Clear Compelling Content

Be sure that what you offer is stated clearly and concisely and all information you offer people who are searching for information related to
your construction services

Effective Use of White Space

This is the space surrounding visual elements, such as, images, video, calls to action which draws the eye to what is important and makes the user
experience smoother for your visitors.

Use Plenty of High Quality Images

Images, as well as videos, that effectively show your work or tell the story about a particular project allow your potential clients to evaluate the
quality of your work without having to speak with you face to face.

Responsive Design

Your site should be able to adjust to the mobile device’s screen size when viewed by your prospective customer. This makes the user experience
much easier and simpler to find information.

Fast Loading

You want your construction website to load within three seconds to accomodate your customers who use mobile data rates or live in areas where
internet speeds are slower. Google states that slow page load speed affects how your pages rank in the search engine results pages (SERPS), so
making sure your site loads fast will help your search engine optimization.

How much does it cost to build a website for a construction company?

Your construction website is an investment, not a cost, as it should become your 24/7 salesman for your business. Without knowing the specifics of your project I cannot list a specific investment amount, but the range can be anywhere from $2,000 for a simple, responsive design with 1-10 pages and a basic CMS to $50,000+ for a more moderate responsive design with 50-150 pages, database integration, ecommerce functionality, advanced CMS and SEO. To get a more accurate estimate, fill out my project inquiry form.

How long will it take to build my construction website?

There are many factors that go into building a website for your construction business. Those can range from the purpose, the size, complexity, design, content factors, delays, and approvals. If it’s a small website, 30-45 days, a medium sized and larger website, from 3-6 months.

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